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We offer complete steel reinforcement solutions for your domestic or trade projects, providing prefabricated steel reinforcement and/or loose cut & bent rebar, reinforcement mesh fabric, and all required reinforcement accessories, fully detailed and labelled for simple, strightforward positioning and fixing.

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Heaton Manufacturing​

Based in the Midlands, Heaton Manufacturing provides bespoke manufacturing solutions for a wide range of industries, including construction, agriculture, building site security, and home fitness. We employ skilled designers and fabricators, and utilise modern technologies to deliver the results customers expect from British manufacturers.   

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diaphragm walls explained

Diaphragm Walls Explained

Whilst many building projects are relatively straightforward in terms of construction techniques, others require a more specialised approach, in order to create a structure that is safe and strong enough to withstand the pressures that it will be subjected to once complete. One example is where extremely deep foundations are required for a construction project,

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Slab Foundation: Laying The Perfect Slab

Quick Links What is a concrete slab? What is a slab-on-grade foundation? What is a ground bearing slab? Laying good foundations is vital. We even say ‘get the foundations right and the rest will fall into place’, when talking about any kind of project, not just in construction. That’s because we all know just how

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Understanding Starter Bars

Steel is routinely used in construction to reinforce concrete and to provide lateral strength in buildings of all types and sizes. There is a wide range of steel reinforcement products available nowadays, to provide simple, cost-effective solutions for every phase of a building project, from the smallest domestic driveway or extension to large-scale infrastructure projects

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Raft Foundation Cost Calculator

Click ‘Get Started’ Below To Calculate Your Raft Foundation Costs We’ve put together a simple tool for obtaining a rough estimation on the total cost of reinforcement and accessories when building raft foundations. Our calculator is limited to 10m x 10m, just for simplicity and price accuracy. If you need a quote for a larger

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