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Any Project.
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We’ll happily take on projects of any complexity, and design systems exactly as you need them; focusing on quality, efficiency, and usability. 

  • Livestock Feeding Systems
  • Sheep Races
  • Standard and Heavy Duty Hurdles for Cattle, Sheep, or Any Livestock
  • Bale Feeders & Ring Feeders
  • Cattle Crushes
  • Cow Cubicles
  • Water Troughs
  • Standard and Heavy Duty Fencing
  • Standard and Heavy Duty Farm and Field Gates
  • Cattle Penning Systems
  • Barn Segregation Systems (Sales Rings, Handling/Sorting Races) for Markets

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agricultural fabrication of livestock feeding system

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Recent Projects

Sheep Feeding System – Stubbey Leas Farm, Derbyshire

During 2019, we were approached by Max, the farm manager of Stubbey Leas Farm, and asked to design and fabricate a bespoke system for the housing of 500 sheep within a newly completed barn. The system had to be semi-permanent, with the ability to disassemble the feeding system once lambing season had ended, thus not restricting the full use of the barn.

The first stage of this project was spent ironing out all the details. Our team had some solutions in mind, but everything had to work with the environment, animals, and the farm managers without issue. After a few meetings at our premises, and at the farm, we had specifications in place, and it was time for the design to commence.

Once the design was conceived, checked, modified, and signed off, fabrication could begin. All panels and gates were fabricated in-house and then hot-dipped galvanised to ensure durability and longevity. Finally, delivery was organised for December 2019 for installation.

At this point, being impressed with the solutions our team had provided, the farm managers decided to expand the project to include an adjacent barn. This also meant creating segregation fencing that allowed sheep to be transferred to and from either barn easily and quickly.

Installation of all sections was completed in February 2020, taking only 2 days in total, and the farm managers couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Project - Installation of sheep feeding system

Delivery & Installation Information

Small/Lightweight materials and equipment will be dispatched by courier to ensure a rapid delivery timetable.
Larger items will be delivered by truck, either by us, or using a third party carrier.

Installation, if required, can be arranged. With large bespoke projects, this is advised, to ensure that all items are assembled and installed as they were designed.

Please enquire for more information.

Steel reinforcement delivery

Our Products

Metal Farm Gates

Galvanised Heavy Duty Steel Farm/Cattle/Yard Gates and Low Weight Field Gates. Standardised Gates, or Bespoke sizes, fittings, and painting available.

We accept orders for simple 5 or 7 rail field gates in standard sizes, as well as bespoke and heavy duty cattle and yard gates to your specifications. Yard gates are built to take abuse, and can be supplied fully galvanised, with additional plates for nudging with vehicles, mesh sections to restrict animal and pest movements, and a variety of latch systems. 


Sizes: 8ft to 20ft, & Bespoke

Hardware: Spring Bolt And Slotted Channel on Hanging End For Easy Eye Bolt Fitting

Rails: 5/7

Primary Horizontals For H/D Gates Manufactured From 50mm O/D, 1.5mm Gauge Pre-Galvanised Steel Tube. Very Strong & Durable.

Ring Feeders

Pre-galvanised Steel Ring Feeders for Cattle & Sheep. Manufactured In-House. 


Dimensions: 5′ or 7′ Diameter With Sheet Metal Skirt

Material: Pre-Galvanised Steel 

Finish: Pre-Galvanised, Painted, or Hot Dipped Galvanised

Types: 2 Piece Standard and 3 Piece Heavy Duty

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