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Specialists In Bespoke Projects of 100 – 10,000Kgs

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Any Project.
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From small home construction projects, to large scale developments, we have experience of all, and will happily offer a quote for all requirements.  

  • Cages & columns
  • Pile cages & caps
  • Diaphragm wall cages
  • Raft foundation solutions
  • Carpet Reinforcement
  • Mesh Reinforcement
  • Loose Cut & Bent Steel
  • Radius bent curved beams and cages
  • Ground beams
  • Meshform & Beamform
  • Reinforcement Accessories (DPM, Spacers, Shuttering, etc.)
  • Bespoke reinforcement solutions
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prefabricated steel ground beams

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From design (if required) to delivery to site

prefabricated steel pile caps and cages

No Minimum Order Weight

Any project, no matter how big (or small), quoted for

steel reinforcement delivery

Rapid Turnaround

Expect an immediate quote, and fast, precise fabrication

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Standard Ground Beams

Prefab Steel Reinforcement Cages; Pile Cages, Pile Caps, Columns, Walls And Bespoke Shapes Available

h16 rebar prefab cage

Type 1

2 x H16 Main Bars Top & Bottom
H10 Links @250mm Centres

Prefabricated ground beam cage h20 rebar

Type 2

4 x H20 Main Bars Top & 4 x H16 Bottom
H10 Links @250mm Centres

Nib and hook prefab cage

Type 3

3 x H20 Main Bars Top & 3 x H16 Bottom
H10 Nib & Hook
H10 Links @250mm Centres

Heavy duty prefab cage double links

Type 4

4 x H20 Main Bars Top & 4 x H16 Bottom
Double H10 Links @250mm Centres

Permanent Formwork

Corrugated Beamform & Novoform

Shuttered beam form greatly improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of a concrete pour. Lay corrugated beam form alongside your ground beams to reduce waste, and ensure a smooth, clean, and precise foundation.
Beam Form can be cut and scored as required.

Each full sheet is 2Mtr x 4Mtr.

Custom cutting and scoring can be provided as necessary.

Novoform is welded mesh panels which you can have pre-cut and bent before delivery, to save you time and money on site. Additionally, being a permanent formwork solution, you can leave Novoform in place; no formwork removal is required. 

meshform precafil
meshform installed with steel reinforcement ground beams

Delivery Information

Small/Lightweight materials and equipment will be dispatched by courier to ensure a rapid delivery timetable.
Larger items will be delivered by truck, either by us, or using a third party carrier.

We are able to arrange delivery to your home, premises, or site, at a time convenient to you. We can liaise with your site manager to organise safe and quick offloading where necessary.

Please enquire for more information.

Steel reinforcement delivery

Rebar Weight & Raft Cost Calculators

Need to get an idea on your project costs? Check out some of our handy tools – Our Rebar Weight Calculator allows you to create basic schedules giving you info on total rebar weights, and out Raft Foundation Cost Calculator to get a rapid estimate of a complete raft foundation online.

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