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B1131 Mesh in Detail

Using the right grade and type of reinforcement mesh is vital for the structural integrity and long life of your construction project, so it’s important to understand the properties of all the different types of mesh, and to follow the advice of your structural engineer or architect.

When a mesh is described as a structural mesh, it means that the main reinforcement delivered by the mesh is in one direction only. This contrasts with square meshes, where the reinforcement is distributed equally in both directions, and with long meshes, where the transverse wires provide no reinforcement at all, serving only to hold the longitudinal wires together.

B1131 reinforcement mesh is one of the heavier duty structural meshes, with longitudinal wires that are 12mm in diameter, and transverse wires that are 8mm in diameter. Longitudinal nominal pitch is 100mm and transverse nominal pitch is 200mm. With a mass of 10.9kg per m2, a standard (non-eco) sized sheet (4.8m x 2.4m) weighs 122.95kg, and a merchant sized sheet weighs 94.18kg.

B1131 reinforcement mesh is covered by BS4449:2005, and all mesh supplied by us conforms to those standards, to ensure guaranteed quality and consistency of manufacture.

When To Use B1131 Reinforcement Mesh

This heavy duty reinforcement mesh is suitable for applications where significant structural reinforcement is needed, for example in commercial or civil engineering construction projects, or in large-scale domestic builds with a larger than average footprint or significant structural challenges.

Always follow the recommendations of your structural engineer or architect when sourcing reinforcement meshes and other products, as their choices will be based on careful structural calculations and knowledge of the standards and regulations that should be adhered to for your specific build. Failure to use the right reinforcement could compromise the structural integrity of your build, and shorten its overall lifespan.


A heavy duty structural mesh with rectangular aperture. 12mm main steels.  


  • Standard 4.8m x 2.4m
  • Merchant 3.6m x 2.0m
  • Flying Ends
  • Bespoke Shapes


  • 12mm x 8mm
  • 8 Sheets Per Tonne
  • 10.9 Kg/m²

Lead Time

2-5 days


12mm x 8mm steel mesh

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Stay focused on your project.
Let us handle everything else

Simple, accurate, and rapid solutions direct from a UK manufacturer.

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