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B785 Mesh in Detail

Structural meshes, of which B785 is one specific grade, differ from square meshes and long meshes in that the main reinforcement occurs only in one direction, whereas square meshes provide reinforcement in both directions equally, and long meshes provide reinforcement only in one direction, with the transverse wires only holding the longitudinal wires in place, and not providing any reinforcement in themselves.

B785 is another mid-range structural mesh, similar to B503, in that it has a nominal pitch of 100mm for the longitudinal wires, and 200mm for the transverse wires. Unlike B503 mesh, however, the longitudinal wires in B785 mesh have a greater diameter than the transverse wires – they are 10mm in diameter, whereas the transverse wires are 8mm.

Standard and merchant sized sheets are available for B785 reinforcement mesh, weighing 93.77kg per standard sheet and 70.33kg respectively.

B785 mesh is an electro-welded mesh that conforms to BS4483:2005. It meets all of the required UK standards and specifications for domestic and commercial construction projects, so you can plan your construction project with complete peace of mind.

When To Use B785 Reinforcement Mesh

Your structural engineer will always specify exactly which type of reinforcement products, whether that is mesh panels or steel rods, should be used in your build. There are detailed standards to comply with for all types of construction projects, and a structural engineer is best qualified to understand these standards and the structural requirements of any build and translate these into the right products for the job. Generally speaking, B785 reinforcement mesh is a medium to heavy duty grade of reinforcement fabric, for use in commercial and civil engineering projects, as well as in domestic builds where structural reinforcement is needed, for example in ground beams and slab foundations.


B785 mesh is a structural mesh for heavy duty applications. Rectangular aperture.  


  • Standard 4.8m x 2.4m
  • Merchant 3.6m x 2.0m
  • Flying Ends
  • Bespoke Shapes


  • 10mm x 8mm
  • 10 Sheets Per Tonne
  • 8.14 Kg/m²

Lead Time

2-5 days


10mm x 8mm steel mesh

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Stay focused on your project.
Let us handle everything else

Simple, accurate, and rapid solutions direct from a UK manufacturer.

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