Plastic Plate Spacers ‘Gripper Grade’

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Gripper grade plate spacers are used to support and provide cover for mesh reinforcement and steel reinforcement. The grade plate spacer’s wide base is perfect for polythene damp proof membrane as it spreads the load, preventing polythene or gas membranes from being punctured.

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Plastic Plate Spacers 'Gripper Grade'

We stock plastic grade plate spacers to suit a range of concrete cover.

Item Concrete Cover (mm) Rebar Diameter (mm) Pack Quantity
Plastic ‘Gripper’ Grade Plate Spacers 25/30 6-12 200no
Plastic ‘Gripper’ Grade Plate Spacers 40/50 6-12 200no
Plastic ‘Gripper’ Grade Plate Spacers 65/75 6-12 200no
Plastic ‘Gripper’ Grade Plate Spacers 90/100 6-12 200no

Our plate spacers are the ‘Gripper’ style, which grab onto rebar and prevent any movement when used vertically as well as horizontally. These spacers simply click onto the rebar and are then fixed in place.
Gripper grade plate spacers can be used for spacing in retaining walls, as well as slab reinforcement. Their design is to ensure they can support the expected weight of reinforcement vertically, as well as substantial lateral force.

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