Tying Wire, Wire Ties, Pullers & Nips

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  • Tie Wire in 9Kg  or 1.5Kg coils
  • Wire Ties (6″ and 8″)
  • Knippex Nips
  • Wire Twisting Tools / Tie Pullers
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Tying Wire, Wire Ties, Pullers & Nips

Tie Wire

Tie wire is used for fixing steel and rebar in concrete reinforcement, to prevent unwanted movement while concrete is poured.
Our tie wire is made from 17 gauge annealed steel which is the preferred choice of steel fixers. Coils are either 9Kgs or  1.5Kgs (large or small coils) in weight which is easily manageable on site.
Note: Bear in mind the force of the concrete acting on the rebar during pouring. Consider which type of tie method is suitable (figure of 8, or saddle, or a combination of the two). More forces acting on the rebar requires a better fixing method, and vertical rebar may require more than one fixing method to prevent horizontal rods from slipping.

High Quality Wire Nips & Pullers

We also stock high quality Knipex wire nips; designed to last, and will maintain a sharp edge for years. Tie pullers are also available.

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