Raft Foundation Cost Calculator

Raft foundation Cost Calculator

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Steel Reinforcement Calculator for Raft Slab

Estimate the cost of for steel reinforcement mesh fabric, cages, and accessories quickly and easily with our calculator.



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Max raft size for this calculator is 100m2
For larger raft sizes please contact us.

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Steel Reinforcement Cages

The total length of reinforcement cage needed for 1 or 2 storey constructions


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Final estimate

The final estimated price is :

This price estimate is simply that, an estimation for steel reinforcement and accessories only, based on your previous choices, excluding labour, concrete, VAT and delivery costs. Prices of steel fluctuate on a weekly basis.

To get an accurate, up to date quote, send your details to us by clicking the button below. You can upload your technical drawings here, or send to our email address at [email protected]. There's no obligation to order and we'll be in touch once we've taken a look at your requirements.

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We’ve put together a simple tool for obtaining a rough estimation on the total cost of reinforcement and accessories when building raft foundations.

Our calculator is limited to 10m x 10m, just for simplicity and price accuracy. If you need a quote for a larger slab, or more complex project, get in touch.

What’s included in the raft foundation cost calculator?

  • Mesh reinforcement, including providence for multiple layers
  • Reinforcement Accessories including steel highchairs, plate spacers, damp proof membrane, tying wire and permanent formwork
  • Approximate cost of steel perimeter cages for boot sections

What’s not included in the cost calculator?

For simplicity and accuracy, there are certain items we aren’t able to include in the cost calculation. Those are:

  • Labour
  • Concrete & other materials
  • Excavation & spoil removal
  • Professional Services (such as surveying)

The costs of the above vary depending on so many factors that it is impossible for us to offer an accurate range, let alone an estimation. However, for smaller projects, estimation of these costs is relatively straightforward.

For example, an excavation of earth of 2m x 2m x 1m depth would be approximately 5m3 of spoil (not 4m2 due to the air content), and around 7-10 tonnes in weight. This would require 2 skips or lorry loads to dispose of.

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