Rebar Weight Calculator

Rebar Weight Calculator Background
Free Online Rebar Weight Calculator - For Calculating Total And Individual Weight of Rebar Based on Diameter, Length, and Quantity.

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Rebar Weight Calculator

Free online weight calculator for rebar



Total Length (L)

(L)= A(L)= A



Total Length (L)

(L)= A + B + (C) – r – 2d



Total Length (L)

(L)= A + (B) – 0.5r — d



Total Length (L)

(L)= 2(A + B + (C)) – 2.5r – 5d

  • Rebar Diameter
  • Length (Millimetres)
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Shape Code(See List)
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Rebar Weight Calculations

Rebar Diameter Length (Millimetres) Quantity Weight Shape Code
Rebar Diameter Length (Millimetres) Quantity Weight Shape Code
Rebar Diameter Length (Millimetres) Quantity Weight Shape Code

For construction projects to be executed well, it’s vital to ensure that the calculations for both rebar and concrete are accurate. Whilst rough estimates might be acceptable for small domestic projects, larger builds require a far more detailed approach. And with so many different types of rebar available in the market today, it’s important to make your calculations using figures that are specific to the materials you are using. If accurate rebar weight calculations are starting to sound like a headache, don’t worry – we’ve put together a clever rebar weight calculator that can take the strain for you. You can save the results for your project in a handy PDF, or print them out to share with your project team. We’ll even put together a quote for the rebar in your calculations, if you send us your results.

How to use our rebar weight calculator

For each type of rebar that you require in your project, select the diameter from the dropdown, then adjust the length to suit your requirements, and enter the number of units you need for that specific diameter and length combination. The calculation will update dynamically to give you the total weight of that line item. At the end of the row, there is a dropdown selector for you to add the Shape Code you need for that line item. Shape Codes can be checked using the pop-up list provided (click See List above the Shape Code field).

You can work through your entire project requirements, by adding a new line using the + button below the line you’ve just finished. The weights of each completed line will be added together to give the Total Combined Weight at the bottom of the calculation area.

Once you’ve calculated all the rebar items that you need for your project, simply click on Download PDF, Print, or Contact Us. If you choose Contact Us, and fill in your contact details, our calculator will send us your line items so that we can prepare a detailed quotation for you.

Benefits of using a rebar weight calculator

We hope this rebar weight calculator will be of real benefit to our customers. If you require advice or help with any aspect of your rebar planning or purchasing, just get in touch. Our team is always available to help.

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