Reinforcement Accessories

Take a look through our range of reinforcement accessories. All stock items can be delivered direct to site with next-day delivery often available. Alternatively, items can be collected from us at our premises in Derbyshire.

  • concrete square bar spacer

    Concrete Square Bar

  • steel highchairs

    Continuous High Chairs

  • damp proof membrane

    Damp Proof Membrane

  • dowel rod sleeve

    Dowel Bars and Dowel Sleeves

  • K Form Permanent Formwork

    K Form

  • mesh spacers

    Plastic Plate Spacers ‘Gripper Grade’

  • road forms

    Road Form Pins

  • Rebar tie wire and wire ties

    Tying Wire, Wire Ties, Pullers & Nips

diaphragm walls explained

Diaphragm Walls Explained

Whilst many building projects are relatively straightforward in terms of construction techniques, others require a more specialised approach, in order to create a structure that is safe and strong enough to withstand the pressures that it will be subjected to once complete. One example is where extremely deep foundations are required for a construction project,

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rebar bending shape codes

UK Rebar Shape Codes

Download and Print this full PDF guide here – 8mb, 5 pages UK Bar Bending Shape Codes Overview BS8666 is the British Standard rebar shape code list required to be adhered to when using steel to reinforce concrete in construction in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. The latest update, BS8666:2020 (from BS8666:2005) updates the

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Rebar – A Definitive Guide

Perhaps the most ubiquitous of all building materials, rebar is familiar to all of us, even the general public. Short for reinforcing bar or reinforcement bar, rebar is a vital component of almost every modern construction project. But what exactly is it and how is it used? With developments coming all the time in construction

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reinforced concrete

Reinforced Concrete – An Overview

Our urban landscapes are dominated by reinforced concrete structures of all shapes and sizes – from bridges and flyovers to architecturally stunning skyscrapers and more functional buildings such as hospitals and shopping centres. We tend to take concrete for granted, without giving a thought to its history and development, to the standards that apply to

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slab foundation

Slab Foundation: Laying The Perfect Slab

Quick Links What is a concrete slab? What is a slab-on-grade foundation? What is a ground bearing slab? Laying good foundations is vital. We even say ‘get the foundations right and the rest will fall into place’, when talking about any kind of project, not just in construction. That’s because we all know just how

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concrete slab reinforcement

Concrete Slab Reinforcement

Rebar, or reinforcement bar, is perhaps the most widely recognised building material in use – yet whilst the ordinary person in the street might know what it is, many people underestimate just how vital it is to building projects of all sizes. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how rebar and

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