Reinforcement Accessories

Take a look through our range of reinforcement accessories. All stock items can be delivered direct to site with next-day delivery often available. Alternatively, items can be collected from us at our premises in Derbyshire.

  • concrete square bar spacer

    Concrete Square Bar

  • steel highchairs

    Continuous High Chairs

  • damp proof membrane

    Damp Proof Membrane

  • dowel rod sleeve

    Dowel Bars and Dowel Sleeves

  • K Form Permanent Formwork

    K Form

  • mesh spacers

    Plastic Plate Spacers ‘Gripper Grade’

  • road forms

    Road Forms & Road Form Pins

  • Rebar tie wire and wire ties

    Tying Wire, Wire Ties, Pullers & Nips

Types of Rebar

Types of Rebar: What You Need to Know

Rebar, or reinforcing bar to give it its full name, is used routinely within construction projects to give concrete components strength and integrity. Whilst concrete is phenomenally strong in terms of compression, it is relatively weak in terms of tensile strength. That means that it’s incredibly hard to break or fracture concrete by dropping something

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Why Are Steel Prices Spiralling in 2021?

No matter whether you are project managing a huge commercial build or you’re an independent building firm working on residential developments and extensions, you will no doubt be aware of the dramatic price fluctuations affecting steel prices currently. With all parts of the steel industry affected, including the steel reinforcement products we supply, now is

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Starter Bars Explained

Understanding Starter Bars

Steel is routinely used in construction to reinforce concrete and to provide lateral strength in buildings of all types and sizes. There is a wide range of steel reinforcement products available nowadays, to provide simple, cost-effective solutions for every phase of a building project, from the smallest domestic driveway or extension to large-scale infrastructure projects

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flying end mesh

Flying End Mesh: An Introduction

For construction projects to be structurally sound and guaranteed to remain so throughout their intended lifespan, it’s essential that the build follows best practice guidelines in terms of lateral strength and integrity of materials. To achieve the best possible strength for concrete elements of any build, whether commercial or domestic, reinforcement mesh is typically used,

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Raft foundation Cost Calculator

Raft Foundation Cost Calculator

Click ‘Get Started’ Below To Calculate Your Raft Foundation Costs We’ve put together a simple tool for obtaining a rough estimation on the total cost of reinforcement and accessories when building raft foundations. Our calculator is limited to 10m x 10m, just for simplicity and price accuracy. If you need a quote for a larger

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prefabricated steel reinforcement pile caps
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