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A252 Reinforcing Mesh

For medium-duty reinforcement of concrete elements including slabs and walls.

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Standard 4.8m x 2.4m
Merchant 3.6m x 2.4m
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  • 8mm x 8mm
  • 22 Sheets Per Tonne
  • 3.95 Kg/m²
  • 45.50 Kg/sheet

Dispatch and delivery for stock items is 24-48 hours. Depending on quantity, we will deliver either using one of our flatbed vans, or a larger 7.5t or 18t truck. We can deliver direct to site according to most schedules, but please specify any restrictions or requirements during the order process to ensure we have the time and knowledge to prepare. 

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A252 Mesh

For professional results in any construction project, concrete reinforcement is key. Whilst concrete has significant compressive strength, meaning that it can withstand significant loads, it lacks tensile strength, so it is relatively weak when faced with shearing forces. Steel reinforcement is the ideal solution, since steel and concrete share very similar thermal expansion coefficients. Our A252 reinforcement mesh sheets are a handy and cost-effective means of providing the right level of reinforcement for medium-duty domestic and commercial slabs and walls. With extensive stocks and express delivery options, we can supply the right mesh for your project at competitive prices.

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When To Use A252 Reinforcement Mesh

This grade of reinforcement mesh is commonly used in medium to heavy duty domestic projects, and in some commercial applications. When properly encased in concrete, this mesh will significantly improve the tensile strength of your slab. Combined with the inherent compressive strength of concrete itself, steel reinforcement gives a slab durability and structural integrity, offering professional results and peace of mind.

A252 mesh can be used as a single layer, or it can be doubled up and lashed together using suitable tying wires. The rebar wires in A252 mesh are 8mm diameter, and the pitch is 200mm for both cross wires and longitudinal wires. As with any mesh panel product, care should be taken to ensure that all panels are properly supported from underneath, using appropriate positioning spacers. Both spacers and tying wire products are available from Heaton Manufacturing. Always ensure that there is a minimum of 50mm of concrete above and below the mesh when pouring your slab. 

A252 mesh panels are available in both standard and merchant sizes, and a bespoke cutting and bending service is also offered. Flying end panels are also available, to prevent lap build-up and keep costs down.

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