Mesh Reinforcement

A and B Spec Steel Mesh for Concrete

Standard, Merchant, or Cut & Bent Sheets to Your Specifications

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Mesh Reinforcement Applications

We stock large quantities of reinforcement mesh in standard sizes to ease stocking and reduce transport costs. Reinforcing mesh can be used to strengthen a range of concrete structures, including:

If you know what you need, take a look at the specs of the fabric we stock above, then give us a call to discuss your order, or any cutting and bending you may need. You could even send us your schedules on this page to speed up the process.

If you’re not sure what you need, the type of mesh you require depends on the application. Speak to an expert today on 01283 762 519.

Standard and Merchant Rebar Mesh
Supplied in Sheets or Bespoke Sizes

We Can Supply Mesh Reinforcement In Standard and Merchant Sized Sheets, or We Can Go One Step Further And Supply Mesh Cut & Bent To Size, With Spacers Pre-Attached, In Carpet Format, Or Any Way You Need It.

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Reinforcing Mesh Accessories Stocked

road forms

Road Form Pins

Delivery Information

Small/Lightweight materials and equipment will be dispatched by courier to ensure a rapid delivery timetable.
Larger orders will be delivered by truck, either by us, or using a third party carrier.

We are able to arrange delivery to your home, premises, or site, at a time convenient to you. We can liaise with your site manager to organise safe and quick offloading where necessary.

Please enquire for more information.

Steel reinforcement delivery
Steel Mesh Fabric
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