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K-Form Permanent Formwork System

K Form is a plastic form of shuttering that allows one person to lay hundreds of metres of screed rail in a single hour. This revolutionary system provides a much needed improvement in time efficiency when laying concrete shuttering, as well as being cheaper than traditional metal screed rails. 

Already a common sight on building sites nationwide, K Form is the new industry standard for plastic concrete shuttering. 

Send us your schedules and we’ll cut everything to size for you, saving even more time and labour on-site. 

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The simplest designs are quite often the best.

K Form Schematic

K Form is a lightweight, easy-to-use alternative to traditional screeding equipment that has received high praise in the industry, and keeps builders and contractors coming back time and time again.

With a plastic concrete shuttering system, you can pour adjacent bays without any delay usually attributed to removal, stripping, and cleaning of metal shuttering, speeding up your pour rate by up to 50%. So not only will you be saving time, but your workers will thank you for not having to go through the rigmoral of stripping and cleaning shuttering each and every morning on a long pour schedule.

The pre-drilled 24mm dowel holes located at 300mm centres means no delay in measuring and placing dowel rods, and the pre-located anchor holes allow simple, quick formwork anchorage without any messing around.

All K Form pieces come with a 10mm top strip which can be removed for joint sealing. K Form is designed to be clicked together for quick, easy placement of extended lengths. 

As shown in this schematic, it is also possible to purchase an optional 25mm riser for the K85, to allow a pour of 140mm, or K135, to allow a concrete pour of 225mm depth. Contact us for more information.

The best bit? K Form is manufactured from old uPVC window frames. So it’s 100% recycled material that helps contribute to your BREEAM rating.

Permanent Formwork

Corrugated Beamform & Novaform


Shuttered beam form greatly improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of a concrete pour. Lay corrugated beam form alongside your ground beams to reduce waste, and ensure a smooth, clean, and precise foundation.
Beam Form can be cut and scored as required.

Each full sheet is 2Mtr x 4Mtr.

Custom cutting and scoring can be provided as necessary.

Novaform is welded mesh panels which you can have pre-cut and bent before delivery, to save you time and money on site. Additionally, being a permanent formwork solution, you can leave Novaform in place; no formwork removal is required. 

meshform precafil
meshform installed with steel reinforcement ground beams

Delivery Information

Small/Lightweight materials and equipment will be dispatched by courier to ensure a rapid delivery timetable.
Larger items will be delivered by truck, either by us, or using a third party carrier.

We are able to arrange delivery to your home, premises, or site, at a time convenient to you. We can liaise with your site manager to organise safe and quick offloading where necessary.

Please enquire for more information.

Steel reinforcement delivery
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