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Road forms are a form of shuttering used to temporarily provide a solid edge when pouring concrete. This formwork is vital in creating a clean, professional finish when pouring concrete.

We stock Square Edge and Flexible road forms in various sizes, and can manufacture bespoke sizes if necessary.

  • Square Edge 150mm x 3000mm
  • Square Edge 200mm x 3000mm
  • Flexible 150mm x 3000mm
  • Flexible 200mm x 3000mm

Road Form Pins are stocked in two lengths:

  • 20mm x 600mm
  • 20mm x 900mm

Road Form Pins Specs and Enquiry Sheet

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Steel road forms come in a range of sizes depending on the depth of concrete to be poured. Formwork is secured in place with stakes, and connected longitudinally.

We highly recommend the use of mould oil to prevent concrete contamination from the steel forms, as well as improved mould release.

Square Edge Road Forms

Forms manufactured using channels with true square edges provide a better finish for your concrete bay. There are three housings for road form pins on each square edge road form.

Flexible Road Forms

Manufactured from 4mm flat steel, these flexible road forms allow you to create smooth curvatures in your formwork. Each plate comes with housings for five road form stakes.

Road Form Pins / Stakes

Road Form Pins or Road Form Stakes as they are also known, are used to anchor formwork into position.  The housings of standard square edge and flexible road forms are manufactured to suit 20mm diameter pins.  For square edge road forms you will require 3no pins and for flexible road forms you will need 5no pins.  The most standard length of stake is 600mm long and we usually keep around 1000no in stock at all times.

What are Road Forms?

Road forms are a steel form of shuttering used to apply accurate and clean edges to concrete pours; specifically for driveways and pathways, but also for ground slabs and foundations. This kind of formwork is most commonly 150 – 200mm deep, allowing a concrete depth of at least 100mm. Heaton Products are able to provide any length and depth of steel formwork you need, as well as all accessories (such as mould oil), and steel reinforcement.

10cm or 4” is the minimum recommended depth of concrete for driveways, though if large vehicles and HGV are expected to use the road section, then a deeper pour is advised. This depth also depends on the soil your driveway will be built on. Softer soil requires a deeper pour.

While it is possible to purchase round edge road forms, we only supply the superior square edge form. Round edge forms are manufactured by pressing steel into channels, this leaves a rounded edge to the form, ultimately leaving to a soft, and less than precise appearance. Square edge forms offer a true clean, sharp edge, providing a much more professional finish.

Flexible road forms are used to provide a curved edge to pathways and driveways. Being flexible means that almost any rounded shape can be made, yet still ensuring a smooth, crisp edge to the slab.

Road forms are secured in place using stakes. Our square edge forms require 3 stakes to secure them in place. Stakes are driven into the ground within the stake housing of the formwork. Then, once positioned correctly, the stakes are locked in place. If stakes are not used, it is highly likely that the formwork will move during the concrete pour, leading to issues with concrete coverage and poor edgework.

Depending on the soil and depth, stakes can be tough to remove. We recommend purchasing a stake extractor to make this process a lot easier, as well as drastically reducing the risk of injury caused by stake extraction.

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