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B503 Reinforcing Mesh

A structural mesh for heavy duty applications. Rectangular aperture. 

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Standard 4.8m x 2.4m
Merchant 3.6m x 2.4m
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  • 8mm x 8mm
  • 15 Sheets Per Tonne
  • 5.93 Kg/m²
  • 68.31 Kg/sheet

Dispatch and delivery for stock items is 24-48 hours. Depending on quantity, we will deliver either using one of our flatbed vans, or a larger 7.5t or 18t truck. We can deliver direct to site according to most schedules, but please specify any restrictions or requirements during the order process to ensure we have the time and knowledge to prepare. 

We also stock other mesh types

B503 Mesh

Almost a quarter of all steel reinforcement in the UK is supplied as reinforcement mesh, and there are many different grades of mesh available, with varying strengths and structural properties, to suit all kinds of construction projects. B503 reinforcement mesh is one of the mesh types that are classed as structural meshes. Structural meshes differ from square meshes in that the main reinforcement is in one direction only.

In this mesh, the longitudinal wires have a nominal pitch of 100mm, but the transverse wires have a nominal pitch of 200mm. In some structural mesh types, the wire diameters for the longitudinal wires may be greater than for the transverse wires, but for B503 mesh, they both have a diameter of 8mm.

Sheets Per Tonne

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When To Use B503 Reinforcement Mesh

B503 mesh is a medium-grade structural mesh, used widely in commercial and civil engineering projects, as well as in domestic builds, where structural reinforcement is required. The appropriate grade of steel reinforcement should always be specified in the project plans drawn up by structural engineers, to ensure that the correct tensile strength is achieved in every slab or component of the build.

Reinforcement mesh panels should always be tied securely in place using appropriate fastening products, and supported from beneath in order to ensure that the mesh panels are level. Reinforcement mesh should always be positioned so that a minimum of 50mm of concrete depth is achieved below and above the mesh panels.

Available in standard and merchant sheet sizes, B503 mesh weighs in at 5.93kg per m2, giving a standard sheet weight of 66.66kg, and a merchant sheet weight of 51.25kg. The mesh we supply conforms to BS4483:2005 and is quality assured by us, providing total peace of mind for anyone involved in the planning and procurement of concrete reinforcement products.

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